The Betrayal of Sanballat: 

A Quest for New Life

In ancient lands where shadows silently creep,

There lived a man cloaked in deceit's vile shroud,

Sanballat "I," whose treachery ran deep,

A tale of disappointment, cries unbowed.

Through strife and war, his spirit sought to rise,

A journey fraught with agony and woe,

Betrayal's sting, a mask of clever guise,

Yet in each trial, seeds of wisdom grow.

With creativity as his trusted lance,

He faced life's struggles with a fearless heart,

Embracing change, seeking new circumstance,

To find redemption, play a different part.


Religion whispered secrets in his ear,

Spirituality offered paths unknown,

To mend the wounds of battles fought in fear,

To heal the soul that once was overthrown.


Inspired by the fates that intertwined,

A phoenix rising from ashes and dust,

To leave betrayal and sorrow behind,

To forge a future filled with faith and trust.


This is the tale of Sanballat's quest bold,

A triumph of the spirit, pure as gold.

 Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: April 1, 2024

"The Conquest of Hadadezer"

In ancient days, where desert winds did blow.

A king arose, his name: Hadadezer. 

His realm stretched wide, from Euphrates’ flow, 

To Ammon’s borders, fierce and unyielding.

David, the shepherd boy turned warrior, 

Heard whispers of this distant monarch’s might. 

His heart aflame with valor and desire, 

He vowed to face Hadadezer in the fight.

Battle drums resounded, echoing fate, 

As armies clashed on sun-scorched battlegrounds.

 David, undeterred, led his valiant state, 

Against the Zobah king’s formidable bounds.

First, at the Euphrates’ shimmering edge, 

David’s sword met Hadadezer’s wrath. 

Syrian hosts fell, their courage fled, 

As victory danced upon the desert’s path.

Next, the Ammonites, insolent and bold, 

Had insulted David’s envoys, shorn of beard. 

Joab, the general, his battle cry uncontrolled, 

Struck down their league, their arrogance cleared.

And in Helam’s shadowed vale, the final act: 

Hadadezer’s forces, led by Shobach, stood. 

But destiny had etched a different pact, 

For David’s valor and God’s grace were good.

Hadadezer, once proud, now bowed low, 

His kingdom shattered; his dominion lost. 

Tributary he became, his tribute’s flow, 

A testament to David’s valor, at great cost.

And so, the tale of Hadadezer unfolds, 

A saga of conflict, courage, and strife. 

In the KJV Bible, its pages hold, 

The echoes of battles that shaped life.

May this poetic rendition illuminate the dramatic and spiritual essence of Hadadezer’s story.

 Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: March 23, 2024

The Divine Chronicles: 

Mesha's Call

In ancient lands where legends intertwine,

Where Mesha's valor etched in stele of old,

Hadadezer's might and Sanballat's bold,

The divine script on history's grand design.

Amidst the ruins of ambition's flame,

Religion weaves a tapestry divine,

Spirituality in each ancient line,

Inscribed with tales that echo fate's dark game.

Adversity, a serpent ever near,

Ambition's sword that cuts the path ahead,

Angels whisper secrets of the dead,

While Betrayal lurks, festering with fear.

Bullying echoes in the tyrant's call,

As Culture clashes with the foreign hand,

Change sweeps across this vast, untamed land,

Choice is made, to rise or see it fall.

Communication lost in babel's tongue,

Conflict erupts beneath the burning sun,

Corruption's touch, a dance that must be spun,

Creativity blooms where hearts are young.

Through daily trials and dangers unforeseen,

In shadows where the darkness demons breed,

Evil tempts with every wicked deed,

Fate weaves its tapestry; a twisted scene.

Yet warriors rise to fight against their plight,

Forgiveness blooms where hatred once entwined,

Friendship forged where enmity confined,

Generosity in shadows shining bright.

In hard times, heroes find their destined call,

Resolving to defy injustice still.

Inspiration born from sheer force of will

To face life struggles, standing strong and tall.

Through loss and pain, decisions must be weighed,

Humanity revealed with each decree.

In heaven's grace or hellish agony

Heroism shines in choices firmly stayed.

So let these ancient tales inspire us all

To face our own divine chronicles small.

 Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: March 21, 2024

Divine Lamentation:

 The Human Odyssey

    Shall we question why mankind endures

    The bitter taste of pain and misery?

    As stars align and fate's cruel hand ensures

    A path of trials through life's stormy sea.

    In scriptures old, the mysteries unfold,

    Of beauty shrouded in the veil of woe;

    Birthed from chaos, a tale that's oft retold,

    Where love and strife in tangled dance bestow.

    A celebration marred by shadowed fears,

    Desire thwarted by betrayal's scheme;

    We journey on through valleys filled with tears,

    And hold our dreams within a fragile dream.

    Immortal souls in mortal bodies dwell,

    Seeking truth in this earthly hell.

    Yet in the darkness, light begins to bloom,

    An angel's whisper in the silent night;

    Through adversity, we rise from gloom,

    Embracing forgiveness, breaking free from spite.

    Our humanity reflects both good and ill,

    A choice we make to forge our destiny;

    In the grand tapestry we each fulfill,

    A thread of hope amidst life's mystery.

    So let us harvest seeds of kindness sown,

    And navigate this world with hearts aglow;

 Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: March 7, 2024

"The Celestial Tapestry"

Behold the tale of Hebrews grand and true,

    A saga woven in eternity's loom,

    Of God, His Son, in skies of azure hue,

    Where angels dance amid celestial gloom.

    This compelling story, timeless and vast,

    Unfurls with energy that knows no bound,

    Through Beauty's veil, a transcendent contrast,

    Where jubilant echoes of Love resound.

    In death's embrace, a passage to the stars,

    Desire ignites immortal flames anew,

    Life's journey marked by celestial scars,

    As souls transcend beyond skies cerulean blue.

    Relationships sculpted with divine hand,

    Devotion binds amid uncertainty's plight,

    Angels’ whispers call across the land,

    Guiding hearts towards eternal light.

    Through changing tides of earthly strife and woe,

    The tapestry unfolds its cosmic plan,

    A radiant thread of faith begins to glow,

    Illuminating the path of mortal man.

     So let us celebrate this heavenly decree,

     Trust in the course set by the hands above, 

     Embrace the journey with hearts wild and free, 

     And find solace in God's grace and love.

 Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: March 4, 2024

The Divine Journey Beyond 

Acts 23-28

Into the pages of time we delve, 

A sacred script tells an ancient tale, 

Of trials and triumphs, where faith prevails, 

In words that our spirits greatly compel. 

Paul, a vessel chosen to ignite, 

His path paved with bravery and with grace, 

Guided by a higher, heavenly trace, 

Through perils dark as the shadows of night. 

Bound in chains but free in spirit's flight, 

He journeyed forth with hope as his guide, 

Defying odds with courage deep inside, 

In lands unknown, shining God's pure light. 

In each chapter and verse we see unfold, 

A divine odyssey of faith untold, 

Where kindness reigns and compassion molds, 

Through trials endured and blessings foretold. 

O how his story unfolds with such honor, 

A testament to faith's enduring power, 

In each word whispered from His heavenly bower, 

We find strength to face our each tomorrows.

So let us embark on this adventure grand, 

With hearts full of joy and spirits renewed, 

Embrace the journey His love has planned,

For in His grace we are forever imbued.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: March 1, 2024

A Poetic Poem of Mark's 
Captivating Narrative of the Life and Ministry 
of Jesus Christ

The voice of one crying in the wilderness
Prepare ye the way of the Lord
The Son of God comes with power and grace
To baptize with water and the Spirit

He calls his disciples to follow him
And fish for the souls of men
He teaches with authority and wisdom
And casts out the demons within

He heals the sick and the lepers
He forgives the sins of the lame
He touches the woman with an issue of blood
And raises the daughter of Jairus from the grave

He stills the storm and the wind
He feeds the multitudes with bread
He speaks in parables of the kingdom
And reveals the secrets to those who heed

He faces the opposition and the challenge
Of the scribes and the Pharisees
He answers them with truth and courage
And exposes their hypocrisy

He is the Messiah and the Son of God
The Holy One of Israel
He invites us to repent and believe
And follow him to the end

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 28, 2024

Threads of Fate”

In the quiet corners of a bustling city, 

Where neon signs flicker and footsteps echo, 

Two souls wandered, adrift and weary, 

Their hearts heavy with the weight of sorrow.

He, a poet with ink-stained fingers, 

Carrying verses of longing and regret, 

She, a painter with eyes like twilight, 

Brushing colors onto her canvas of dreams.

Their paths converged on a rain-soaked street, 

As if destiny herself had woven their threads, 

He, seeking solace in the rhythm of raindrops, 

She, chasing elusive hues in puddles of gray.

Their eyes met—a collision of constellations, 

And in that fleeting moment, time paused, 

The universe whispered secrets to their souls, 

Promising redemption, love, and second chances.

He recited sonnets, unraveling her solitude, 

She painted sunsets, igniting his dormant fire, 

Their laughter danced like autumn leaves, 

As they stitched together the fabric of desire.

He shared verses of hope, inked on her skin, 

She brushed colors of resilience across his scars, 

Their hearts, once fractured, now harmonized, 

A symphony of healing beneath the city’s stars.

And so, in that chance encounter’s embrace, 

Two lost and lonely hearts found their way, 

Their love, an incredible true story, 

Written in raindrops, whispered by fate.

May their paths forever intertwine and may hope bloom even in the darkest of nights. 

 Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copyright April 22, 2024

"The Prayer That God’s Love 

Turned Two Lost Souls into 

a Lasting Love Story"

In the quiet sanctuary of a moonlit chapel, 

Where stained glass whispered ancient tales, 

Two souls knelt, their hearts heavy with longing, 

Their whispered prayers rising like incense.

Sarah, her hands clasped in paint-stained grace, 

Her eyes seeking solace in the flickering candles, 

Brushstrokes of doubt etched upon her soul, 

As loneliness echoed through the hallowed halls.

John, his tailored suit a shield against the world, 

His footsteps echoing on marble floors, 

Yet within, an emptiness that wealth couldn’t fill, 

His heart aching for meaning beyond the mundane.

They met at the altar, where hope and despair mingled, 

Sarah’s whispered verses weaving through the air, 

John’s silent plea echoing in the sacred silence, 

Both yearning for redemption, for love’s embrace.

Sarah, with her wild curls and tear-streaked cheeks, 

Poured her doubts into the chalice of her faith, 

Her laughter a fragile hymn, seeking harmony, 

Yet loneliness clung to her like a shadowed veil.

John, with his ledger of profits and worldly gains, 

Bowed his head, seeking solace in surrender, 

His prayers a symphony of longing and surrender, 

As he wondered if salvation could be found within.

Together, they painted a new chapter, 

Where doubt transformed into trust, 

And emptiness found purpose in shared dreams, 

Their hearts no longer echoing in isolation.

Sarah and John, two lost souls, 

Navigating life’s labyrinth hand in hand, 

Their differences bridged by whispered devotion, 

As they discovered love in the sacred spaces between.

And so, beneath the same moon that witnessed their meeting, 

They vowed to chase eternity, the intangible, 

To fill the void within their hearts with grace, 

And find home in the everlasting sanctuary of each other.

For Sarah and John, the prayer that God’s love 

turned into a lasting love story. 

Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copyright May 3, 2024

"Grace Unearned"

In the sacred pages of Ephesians, we find, 

A truth profound, a grace so kind. 

“For it is by grace,” the apostle pens, 

“Through faith you’re saved,” a gift that transcends.

Not by our works, nor merit we claim, 

But by God’s favor, His holy name. 

No boasting allowed, no human pride, 

For salvation’s gift, in Christ, does reside.

Imagine the scene in Ephesus’ streets, 

Gentiles and Jews, diverse hearts that meet. 

Paul’s words echo through ancient halls, 

“By grace alone,” the Savior calls.

Dead in our sins, estranged from the light, 

Yet God’s kindness breaks through the night. 

His grace, undeserved, freely bestowed, 

A gift of love, our eternal abode.

So let us walk worthy, as saints redeemed, 

His workmanship, in Christ, esteemed. 

Good deeds prepared, our purpose defined, 

In grace we stand, forever aligned.

Remember, dear reader, that Ephesians 2:8-9 emphasizes God’s grace as the foundation of salvation. It’s not about our efforts or goodness; it’s about His unmerited favor. May this truth inspire And encourage you! 

Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copyright May 8, 2024

The Fall of Mesha: 

A Shakespearean Sonnet

As Mesha's story etched in stone we read,  

Of triumph turned to sorrow, change was near,  

Betrayal's bitter sting struck deep and clear,  

Adversity the path where he must tread.  

Bullied by foes who sought to bring him low,  

Yet in his heart a flame of courage burned,  

Through all the trials and tribulations learned,  

His spirit strong beneath the heavy blow.  

But change, relentless force, would not relent,  

A kingdom lost, a soul now bound in chains,  

Yet rise he did with faith as his defense.  

For in the depths of darkness he was sent,  

He found within himself the strength remains,  

To conquer all and claim his recompense.

 Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: March 22, 2024

The Eternal Journey: 

Shakespearean Sonnet

 Amidst the desert, a journey unfolds,

    The Book of Numbers, chapters bold and true;

    Through wilderness, a saga untold,

    With faith as the guide, skies painted in blue.

    Adversity looms, a formidable foe,

    Testing the souls of the chosen few;

    Angels whisper, in whispers aglow,

    Their presence a balm in times that are blue.

    Appreciation blooms in hearts worn with time,

    Communication in languages unknown;

    Community forms, a harmonious chime,

    Together they march, seeds of fate sown.

    Through danger and darkness, they walk hand in hand,

    Battling demons with devotion so grand;

    Embracing the firework-lit treacherous land,

    Forgiveness and trust guiding their band.

    In hard times and good times, united they stand,

    Humanity's essence upheld by each hand;

    Through loss and through love, through life's shifting sand,

    The journey unites them, as fate had planned.

    O' leaders of old, wisdom you bring forth,

    Learning from history, values of worth;

    Birthed from the ashes of failure and sorrow, 

    Knowledge is gained with each new tomorrow.

    Innocence lost and found on this quest, 

    New life emerges from trials put to test; 

    Longing for treasure that's hidden from view,

    Uncertainty lingers but faith sees them through.

    The ageing of souls as time passes by, 

    Painted with beauty that never does die; 

    Celebrate every moment profound and true 

    In the compelling story within me and you.

 Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: March 11, 2024

The Exodus: A Journey

 of Redemption

The desert whispers tales of ancient lore,

Of dreams and hopes that once seemed far away,

A chosen people, burdened, tried, and sore,

Embarking on a journey to find their way.

Through chaos, conflict, darkness, they must roam,

Facing demons, drowning in despair,

Betrayal lurking, threatening their home,

Yet faith and courage guide them everywhere.

Injustice weighs heavy upon their souls,

Evil forces tempting to lead astray,

But Moses leads with strength that truly molds

A nation seeking freedom come what may.

Miracles unfold as waters part,

New life emerging from a troubled start.

The exodus continues, onward bound,

Through storms and hardships, struggles faced anew,

Yet hearts stay strong, despite the chaos found,

Their spirits lifted by a sky so blue.

Inspirational tales of hope arise,

Of leaders rising in the darkest hour,

Angels whispering truths before their eyes,

Courage prevailing over evil’s power.

Despite the hardships thrown along their way,

They find within themselves the strength to fight,

To overcome the darkness every day

And walk towards a future bathed in light.

The journey teaches lessons long foretold

Of love and faith that never can be sold.

With hearts renewed and spirits pure and free,

They reach the promised land at long last found,

Forever changed by all that they did see,

Their new beginning standing firm and sound.

 Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: March 8, 2024

The Love 

Stories of Kings and Queens

"A Biblical Tale"

In ancient tales of love, so grand and true,

Where kings and queens their destinies pursue.

Amidst the wars and kingdoms old,

A love story in the Scriptures told.

From Solomon's wisdom to David's might,

Their love stories shimmered like starlight.

Bathsheba's beauty, a fateful glance,

Caught in the dance of fate's romance.

A journey through time, a tale of old,

Of passion and desire, stories untold.

Ruth's devotion in fields she gleaned,

Boaz's kindness, a love redeemed.

Esther's bravery in royal court,

Saving her people, a courageous effort.

A queen so fair, with heart so pure,

Love prevailing amidst trials endured.

In age-old texts where dreams took flight,

Love stories woven in pure delight.

From Adam and Eve to Abraham's test,

Love endured, for it was blessed.

Through daily life and community strong,

Love's melody played like a sweet song.

In the whispers of angels above,

Guiding hearts to embrace that eternal love.

So let us celebrate these tales divine,

Of love that transcends both space and time.

In the pages of Scripture, we find

The essence of love, pure and kind.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 29, 2024

"Acts Unfolding"

In ancient days, a tale was spun, 

Of apostles bold, their race not run. 

Their voices echoed through the land, 

As they carried forth a sacred brand.

1. The Ascension

Upon a mount, the Savior stood, 

His earthly mission understood. 

He spoke of kingdoms yet unseen, 

And vanished into skies serene.

2. Pentecost’s Fire

In an upper room, tongues aflame, 

The Spirit came, no two the same. 

A rushing wind, a fiery dance, 

Igniting hearts with divine romance.

3. Peter’s Boldness

Peter, once a trembling soul, 

Now preached with fervor, made hearts whole. 

Healing hands and words of grace, 

In Jesus’ name, he ran the race.

4. Stephen’s Martyrdom

Stephen, face aglow with light, 

Faced the council, firm and bright. 

Stoned for truth, he saw the Lord, 

His spirit soared, forevermore.

5. Saul’s Conversion

On Damascus Road, a blinding light, 

Saul fell, transformed by heaven’s might. 

From persecutor to apostle true, 

His zeal redirected, grace renewed.

6. Shipwrecks and Journeys

Paul sailed tempests, chains his cloak, 

Through shipwrecks, storms, and hearts that broke. 

From Ephesus to Athens’ square, 

He shared the gospel everywhere.

7. Rome’s Triumph

In Rome’s shadow, Paul stood tall, 

Chained but free, he gave his all. 

His letters penned, a legacy, 

For saints and sinners, you and me.

8. Unfinished Symphony

The Book of Acts, a symphony grand, 

Notes of courage, across the land. 

Jesus and the Spirit, the central theme, 

Their acts unfolding, a heavenly dream.

And so the stories echo still, 

In hearts that seek, in souls that thrill.

Acts unending, a call to embrace, 

The Spirit’s fire, God’s boundless grace.  

 Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: April 17, 2024

The Book of Titus | A Great Story Unfolds

In ancient scrolls, a tale unfurls,

A letter penned, its wisdom pearls.

Titus, the messenger, sails afar,

To Crete's shores, guided by a star.

I. Pastoral Wisdom

Paul's ink weaves counsel, strong and clear,

For leaders tasked with shepherding near.

Elders rise, their hearts ablaze,

Character tested in life's maze.

II. Faith in Action

Faith, not mere words, defines our way,

Transforming hearts from night to day.

Sound doctrine anchors souls adrift,

As love and patience lift the rift.

## III. Cretan Winds

Crete's rugged cliffs, a tempest's lair,

Where falsehoods thrive and virtues wear.

Titus stands firm, his mission grand,

To nurture grace on shifting sand.

## IV. Generosity's Song

"Be generous," echoes through the pines,

Hospitality blooms like fragrant wines.

Share your bread, your table wide,

In selfless love, God's grace abides.

 V. Titus, the Gentile Sage

Titus, uncircumcised, yet bold,

A Gentile shepherd, stories told.

House churches sprout, their flames ignite,

In Crete's dusk, truth battles night.

VI. Lessons Echoed

Today, we glean from ancient ink,

As Titus whispers, "Pause and think."

Leadership, conduct, faith's embrace,

A great story unfolds—a timeless grace.

For in Titus' parchment, etched and true,

Lies wisdom for me, and wisdom for you.

 Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copyright April 18, 2024

"The Miracles of Compassion"

In ancient lands where shadows weep, 

Where hearts are heavy, and sorrows steep, 

A tale unfolds of miracles divine, 

In Matthew’s pages, where wonders shine.

I. The Death of John the Baptist

Herod’s palace, a place of intrigue, 

Where power and vanity intertwine, 

John’s voice silenced, his head laid low, 

Yet whispers echo through corridors of time.

Compassion, a cloak wrapped 'round Christ’s heart, 

He retreats to solitude, seeking solace, 

But the crowd follows, relentless and hungry, 

Their pain, their need, a plea for grace.

II. Feeding the Five Thousand

Upon grassy slopes, they gather, weary souls, 

Their hunger gnawing, their eyes pleading, 

Jesus, moved by their plight, heals the sick, 

His touch a balm, their faith exceeding.

“Send them away,” the disciples implore, 

“Let them fend for themselves, find food.” 

But Jesus, undeterred, lifts His gaze to heaven, 

Five loaves, two fish—a miracle pursued.

A symphony of abundance, grace unbound, 

Five thousand mouths fed, bellies satisfied, 

In the wilderness, love’s banquet is found.

III. Jesus Walks on Water

Night descends, waves churn, disciples strain, 

Their boat tossed by tempests, fear gripping tight, 

Then, across moon-kissed waves, a figure appears, 

Jesus, defying gravity, walking toward the light.

Peter, bold and trembling, steps onto liquid faith, 

His eyes fixed on the Savior, heart aflutter, 

But doubt creeps in, the tempest roars, 

He sinks, yet Jesus lifts him from the water.

Faith and doubt, a dance upon the waves, 

Lessons etched in spray and salt, 

Jesus, the Master of wind and sea, 

Whispers, “O you of little faith, arise, exalt.”

Epilogue: Lessons Carved in Stone

In Matthew’s tapestry, threads of wonder, 

Miracles woven with compassion’s thread, 

John’s martyrdom, the multitude’s hunger, 

And Peter’s faltering steps on water’s bed.

Divine intervention, a symphony of grace, 

Mourning met with miracles, faith’s ascent, 

Jesus, the healer, the bread of life, 

His love, our refuge, our eternal tent.

So let us walk the shores of Galilee, 

Where miracles still ripple through time, 

And in our hunger, our storms, our doubt, 

May we find Jesus—the Compassion sublime.

Note: Inspired by Matthew 14 and 15. 🌟

Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copyright April 26, 2024

Guidance on the Path

In life’s winding journey, we seek a guide, 

A light to lead us through the darkest night. 

God’s Word, a lamp, illuminates our way, 

His wisdom shining bright, both clear and right.

Proverbs 3:6 reminds us well: 

“In all thy ways acknowledge Him,” we’re told, 

“And He shall direct thy paths,” with care,

 A compass true, our steps in grace unfold.

Psalm 119:105 echoes this refrain: 

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet,” 

A beacon in the wilderness we tread, 

A faithful guide when trials and fears compete.

Matthew 7:13 warns of two paths diverged: 

The wide, easy road leads to destruction’s gate, 

But the narrow way, though steep and hard, 

Leads to life eternal, where joy awaits.

Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copyright May 7, 2024