God and Flowers

God made the flowers, every hue,
And gave them life and beauty too.
He made them bloom in fields and bowers,
And filled the world with fragrant showers.

The lilies white, the roses red,
The daisies with their yellow head,
The violets blue, the tulips bright,
All shining in the morning light.

God made the flowers, every one,
And gave them to us, like the sun,
To brighten up, our darkest hours,
And fill our hearts, with love and flowers.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 1, 2023

"We Shall Never Fear the Fall"

Photo by Billy Pasco on Unsplash

In days of ole when foes did rise
And darkness shrouded all our skies,
God's people cried out for His aid,
And He did come, His foes to raid.

With sword in hand and shield held high,
He fought for us, He did not shy.
His enemies fell, one by one,
Until the battle had been won.

And in the end, when all was done,
God's people praised His holy Son.
For He had come to set them free,
And bring them to eternity.

So let us sing His praises loud,
And lift our voices to the crowd.
For God has triumphed over all,
And we shall never fear the fall.

"Prophecies Concerning the 12 Tribes"

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash
The tribes of Israel, twelve in all,
Each with a destiny, great and tall,
Foretold by prophets, wise and true,
Their words, a vision, of what they knew.

Reuben, the firstborn, strong and bold,
His tribe, a leader, brave and cold,
But his sin, a stain, on his name,
A warning, for all, to avoid the same.

Simeon and Levi, brothers in arms,
Their swords, a weapon, of their charms,
But their wrath, a curse, on their fate,
A lesson, for all, to learn and wait.

Judah, the lion, fierce and proud,
His tribe, a king, in a royal shroud,
But his heart, a weakness, for desire,
A reminder, for all, to aspire.

Zebulun, the sailor, on the sea,
His tribe, a merchant, rich and free,
But his land, a haven, for the lost,
A beacon, for all, to count the cost.

Joseph, the dreamer, with a coat of many hues,
His tribe, a ruler, with a heart that pursues,
But his pride, a fall, for the strong,
A lesson, for all, to belong and belong.

Benjamin, the wolf, fierce and wild,
His tribe, a warrior, with a spirit mild,
But his land, a shadow, for the light,
A hope, for all, to fight and fight.

These are the tribes, twelve in all,
Each with a destiny, great and tall,
Foretold by prophets, wise and true,
Their words, a vision, of what they knew.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 11, 2023

"Jesus Walking on Water"

Photo by Linda Xu on Unsplash
The sea was rough, the night was dark,
The boat was tossed, the sailors stark. 
But then they saw a wondrous sight, 
A figure walking on the waves so bright.

It was Jesus, their Lord and friend, 
Who came to them, His love to send. 
He said, “Take heart, do not be afraid,
For I am with you, and I have stayed.”

Peter said, “Lord, if it’s you,
Bid me come, and I’ll walk too.” 
So Jesus said, “Come, walk with me,” 
And Peter stepped out, his faith to see.

But then he saw the wind and waves, 
And fear took hold, his heart enslaved. 
He cried, “Lord, save me!” and Jesus did, 
And said, “Oh you of little faith, why did you doubt, kid?”

Then they climbed aboard the boat, 
And the wind and waves ceased to gloat. 
The sailors marveled at what they’d seen, 
And knew that Jesus was their King and Queen.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 13, 2023

"Be Like a Mighty Bear!"

Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash
Be like a mighty bear,
With strength beyond compare.
In the face of adversity,
Stand tall with tenacity.

With a roar that shakes the earth,
Show your worth and your true worth.
For in the face of danger,
You are the one who will not falter.

So be like a mighty bear,
And never give up or despair.
For you are strong and brave,
And you will always find a way.
- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 16, 2023

"Saul, the First King of Israel"

Saul, the First King of Israel

Saul, the first king of Israel, 
Was a man of great zeal. 
He was tall, handsome, and strong, 
And his reign was long.

But Saul’s life was not all sunshine, 
He had his share of decline. 
He disobeyed God’s command, 
And lost his kingdom and land.

Saul was filled with remorse, 
And his life took a different course. 
He sought forgiveness and redemption, 
And found peace and salvation.

Saul’s story is one of hope, 
Of how one can cope, 
With life’s ups and downs, 
And turn things around.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 19, 2023

"The Power of God and the Donkey"

Photo by Matthew Lockhart on Unsplash

There once was a donkey who carried a load
He walked on the road with his master in tow
He saw an angel with a sword in his hand
But his master was blind and did not understand

The donkey turned away from the angel's wrath
But his master beat him and pushed him back
The donkey tried to speak but his master did not heed
He only cared for his own selfish greed

The donkey prayed to God and asked for his grace
He said, "Lord, please open my master's eyes and face"
God heard the donkey's plea and gave him a voice
He said, "Why do you beat me? You have a choice"

The master was shocked and fell to the ground
He saw the angel and heard the sound
He realized his sin and asked for forgiveness
He said, "Lord, I trust in you and your goodness"

The angel said, "The donkey saved your life
He obeyed God and avoided strife
You should follow his example and be faithful and patient
For faith without works is dead and complacent"

The master learned his lesson and thanked the donkey
He said, "You are a blessing and a friend to me"
He praised God and followed his will
He said, "Proverbs 3:5-6, Hebrews 6:12 and James 2:17 are my guide and skill"

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 21, 2023

"God's Special Time"

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash
God's special time is not like ours
He sees the end from the start
He knows the plans He has for us
To give us hope and a future

God's special time is full of grace
He works all things for our good
He makes everything beautiful
In His time, not in our mood

God's special time is full of power
He can do more than we ask or think
He opens doors that no one can shut
And shuts doors that no one can open

God's special time is full of love
He sent His Son to die for us
He calls us to share His love with others
Especially those who are in prison

God's special time is full of joy
He fills our hearts with His peace
He invites us to join His mission
To bring His kingdom on earth

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 24, 2023

"The Conclusion and Benediction"

The end of the Bible is near
The last chapter of Revelation
The final words of Christ we hear
His promise and His invitation

He says, "Behold, I come quickly
To bring my reward with me
I am the Alpha and Omega
The first and last, the beginning and the end"
He says, "Blessed are those who do
The commandments of this book
They shall have right to the tree of life
And enter the holy city"

He says, "But outside are the dogs
The sorcerers and the liars
The murderers and the idolaters
And whoever loves and makes a lie"

He says, "I, Jesus, have sent my angel
To testify these things to you
I am the root and offspring of David
The bright and morning star"

He says, "The Spirit and the bride say, Come
And let him who hears say, Come
And let him who thirsts come
And whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely"

He says, "If anyone adds to these words
God will add to him the plagues
And if anyone takes away from these words
God will take away his part from the book of life"

He who testifies these things says, "Surely I come quickly"
Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 27, 2023

"God's 32 Blessings to Man"

God's 32 blessings to man 
are more than we can count
But let me try to name a few 
that make our lives abound

The first is life itself, 
the gift of breath and being
The second is the love of God, 
the source of all our meaning

The third is grace, 
the undeserved favor of the Lord
The fourth is faith, the trust in Him 
that makes us strong and sure

The fifth is hope, 
the confident expectation of good
The sixth is peace, the calm assurance 
that all is well and good

The seventh is joy, 
the deep and lasting happiness in God
The eighth is wisdom, the ability 
to discern His will and word

The ninth is knowledge, the understanding 
of His truth and ways
The tenth is power, the strength 
to overcome and do His praise

The eleventh is freedom, 
the liberty to live as He designed
The twelfth is justice, the righteousness 
that He upholds and shines

The thirteenth is mercy, 
the compassion that He shows to us
The fourteenth is forgiveness, 
the cleansing that He grants through Jesus

The fifteenth is healing, 
the restoration of our body and soul
The sixteenth is provision, the supply 
of all our needs and goals

The seventeenth is protection, 
the security that He affords
The eighteenth is guidance, the direction 
that He gives through His word

The nineteenth is fellowship, 
the communion that we have with Him
The twentieth is friendship, 
the intimacy that we share with Him

The twenty-first is family, 
the bond that we have with His people
The twenty-second is service, 
the privilege that we have to bless His people

The twenty-third is worship, 
the honor that we have to adore Him
The twenty-fourth is praise, 
the expression that we have to glorify Him

The twenty-fifth is creation, 
the beauty that we see in His works
The twenty-sixth is recreation, 
the enjoyment that we have in His works

The twenty-seventh is stewardship, the responsibility 
that we have to care for His gifts
The twenty-eighth is generosity, the opportunity 
that we have to share His gifts

The twenty-ninth is mission, 
the purpose that we have to spread His name
The thirtieth is vision, the vision 
that we have to see His reign

The thirty-first is resurrection, 
the promise that we have to rise with Him
The thirty-second is salvation, 
the gift that we have to live with Him

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 29, 2023

"If you want your life 
to be like a rose garden"

If you want your life to be like a rose garden
You need to put in the time and effort
Plant the seeds of faith, water them with determination
And let God's light shine down on your path
For the plans of the diligent lead to profit
As surely as haste leads to poverty
And you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you
As he gives you the power to face any difficulty

Plant your rose garden today and bloom into the life you were meant to live
Don't let the thorns discourage you or make you give up
But enjoy the fragrance and beauty that your roses give
And share them with others who need a lift up

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 2, 2024

"You Think You Know it All"

Photo by Marcel Strauß on Unsplash

You think you know it all
But you don't really know
The world is vast and complex
And there's always more to show

You think you know it all
But you don't really see
The beauty and the mystery
That lie beyond your tree

You think you know it all
But you don't really hear
The voices and the wisdom
That whisper in your ear

You think you know it all
But you don't really feel
The love and the compassion
That make your life more real

You think you know it all
But you don't really learn
The lessons and the stories
That help your soul to burn

You think you know it all
But you don't really grow
The only way to truly know
Is to admit you don't know

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 5, 2024

"One Piece of Bread"

Photo by Wesual Click on Unsplash

One piece of bread, 
so simple and plain
One piece of bread, 
can make a change

One piece of bread, 
can feed the soul
One piece of bread, 
can make us whole

One piece of bread, 
can show our faith
One piece of bread, 
can multiply by grace

One piece of bread, 
can bless the crowd
One piece of bread, 
can make God proud

One piece of bread, 
can share our love
One piece of bread, 
can unite us as one

One piece of bread, 
can build a bond
One piece of bread, 
can make us strong

One piece of bread, 
can heal our pain
One piece of bread, 
can forgive our shame

One piece of bread, 
can free our heart
One piece of bread, 
can give us a new start

One piece of bread, 
so powerful and true
One piece of bread, 
can do wonders for you

One piece of bread, 
can transform your life
One piece of bread, 
can make you shine bright

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 6, 2024

"God and the Bride's Hands"

Photo by Chiến Phạm on Unsplash

She walks down the aisle 
with a smile on her face
Holding the hand of her father, 
who gives her away

She sees her groom waiting, 
with love in his eyes
He takes her hand gently, 
and they exchange their vows

But there is another hand 
that holds them both
A hand that is invisible, 
but stronger than any other

A hand that has guided them, 
through joys and sorrows
A hand that has blessed them, 
with grace and mercy

That hand is the hand of God, 
who created them for each other
Who brought them together, 
in his perfect plan

Who loves them more, 
than they can ever imagine
Who will never let them go, 
no matter what

God and the bride's hand, 
are joined in holy matrimony
God and the groom's hand, 
are united in eternal love

God and their hands, 
are one in sacred harmony
God and their hands, 
are a beautiful symbol of his covenant

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 8, 2024

"The king of Israel, Ahaziah, Fell"

The king of Israel, Ahaziah, fell
And sent to ask of Baal-zebub his fate
But God sent Elijah to foretell
That he would die and not recover late

The king then sent three captains with their men
To capture him who spoke the word of God
But fire from heaven came down again and again
And burned the first two captains and their squad

The third one begged for mercy and was spared
And brought Elijah to the king's abode
The prophet then repeated what he shared
And Ahaziah died as he forebode

His brother Jehoram 
then reigned in his place
And did not please 
the Lord in all his ways

Meanwhile, Elijah knew his end was near
And went with Elisha, his faithful friend
He asked him what he wanted most to hear
And Elisha said, a double share of your spirit

Elijah said, if you see me when I'm taken
Then you will have your wish as you desire
But if you do not see me, you're forsaken
And you will not receive the gift of fire

They crossed the Jordan, parted by his cloak
And talked until a chariot of flame
Appeared and took Elijah with a stroke
And Elisha saw and cried out his name

He tore his clothes and took Elijah's mantle
And struck the water, saying, where is he?
The river parted and he crossed the channel
And all the sons of prophets bowed their knee

They searched for Elijah, but in vain
And Elisha showed his power in God's name

He healed the water of Jericho from curse
And cursed the boys who mocked his baldness sore
He went to Bethel, where he saw the worse
The idolatry of Israel and their whore

He met the widow who had oil to spare
And multiplied it by the word of faith
He raised the son of Shunammite from death
And cleansed Naaman the leper from his wraith

He made the iron ax head float on water
And showed the king of Israel his danger
He blinded the army of Aram with a slaughter
And fed them at his table as a stranger

He prophesied the end of the famine
And the death of Ben-hadad by his man
He anointed Jehu as the king of Israel
And Hazael as the king of Aram

These are the stories 
of Elijah and Elisha
The mighty men of God 
who served him well

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 13, 2024

"The Temple of the Lord"

image of Solomon's Temple, Temple in Jerusalem

In the four hundred and eightieth year
After the Exodus from Egypt's land
King Solomon began to build a house
For the Lord God of Israel so grand

He followed God's instructions to the letter
He used the finest materials he could find
He hired skilled craftsmen and laborers
To make the Temple beautiful and refined

He built a portico and a main hall
He made an inner sanctuary for the ark
He overlaid the walls and floors with gold
He carved cherubim and flowers in the dark

He made a bronze altar and a sea
He fashioned ten lampstands and ten tables
He decorated the courts with pomegranates
He hung the doors with chains and carved gables

He took seven years to finish the work
He spared no expense or effort in his task
He dedicated the Temple to the Lord
He prayed for God's presence and His blessing to last

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 21, 2024

"The Book of James, a Letter Divine"

The Book of James, a letter divine, 
Written to the twelve tribes, scattered and fine. 
Chapter one, verse two, says to count it all joy, 
When trials come, for faith it will employ." 

Chapter two, verse seventeen, faith without works is dead, 
And in verse twenty-six, faith without deeds is said. 
Chapter three, verse five, the tongue is a small part, 
But boasts great things, like a fire, it can start.

These chapters teach us to be doers of the word, 
To be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath, undeterred. 
To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, 
And to keep ourselves unspotted from the world’s addiction.

May we be blessed in our deeds, and not just hearers of the word, 
For the crown of life awaits those who endure trials, as assured. 
May we be steadfast in our faith, and not be double-minded, 
For every good and perfect gift is from above, as we’re reminded.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 24, 2024

"Ten Children in the Bible"

Ten children in the Bible, 
each with a story to tell, 
Their faith and courage, 
an inspiration to us all.

First, there was Isaac, 
born to Abraham and Sarah, 
A miracle child, a promise from God, 
a blessing to share.

Next, there was Joseph, a dreamer 
with a coat of many colors, 
Sold into slavery, but rose to power, 
with God’s help and favor.

Then, there was Moses, 
saved from the Nile by Pharaoh’s daughter, 
Led his people out of Egypt, 
with God’s guidance and power.

Fourth, there was Samuel, 
a prophet from a young age, 
Anointed Saul and David, 
and served God all his days.

Fifth, there was David, 
a shepherd boy with a heart of gold, 
Defeated Goliath, became king, 
and God’s story he told.

Sixth, there was Solomon, 
wise beyond his years, 
Built the temple, wrote Proverbs, 
and conquered his fears.

Seventh, there was Daniel, 
a captive in Babylon, 
Interpreted dreams, survived the lion’s den, 
and praised God’s Son.

Eighth, there were Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, 
Refused to bow to idols, 
survived the fiery furnace,
and God’s power they know.

Ninth, there was John the Baptist, 
a voice in the wilderness, 
Baptized Jesus, preached repentance, 
and God’s love he did profess.

Last, there was Jesus, the Son of God,
the Savior of all, Died on the cross,
rose from the dead, 
and redeemed us from the fall.

May their stories inspire us, 
and their faith be our guide, 
As we journey through life, 
with God by our side.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 26, 2024

"Antiochus Returns in Glory and Victory"

Photo by Ioann-Mark Kuznietsov on Unspla

Antiochus, the conqueror, returns in glory and pride, 
His heart set on breaking the Jewish covenant, his greed cannot be denied. 
He plunders Palestine, his army at his side, 
But the Jewish people stand strong, their faith they won’t hide.

Despite the oppression, they remain steadfast and true, 
Their trust in the Almighty, their guiding light shining through. 
Their story serves as a reminder, to us and to you, 
To guard our own covenant, and our identity too.  spiritual

May we draw inspiration from their resilience and might, 
And hold fast to our faith, even in the darkest of night. 
For God is always with us, in times of trouble and fright, 
Guiding us through the storm, and into the light.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 1, 2024

The General Epistle of James

Photo by Martti Salmi on Unsplash

The General Epistle of James, 
A letter of faith and works it proclaims. 
Written by James, brother of Christ, 
It teaches us to live our lives right.

James tells us to be slow to speak, 
Quick to listen, and slow to seek 
Anger, which does not produce 
The righteousness that God approves.

He tells us to be doers of the word, 
Not just hearers, lest we be absurd. 
Faith without works is dead, he says, 
So let us live out our faith each day.

James reminds us to care for the poor, 
And not to show favoritism anymore.
He tells us to pray for one another, 
And confess our sins to each other.

So let us heed James’ wise advice, 
And live our lives in sacrifice. 
For faith and works must go together, 
To make us more like Christ forever.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 3, 2024
- Book of Micah - 

“God’s Case Against Judah and Israel”

God’s case against Judah and Israel 
Is a tale of sin and betrayal 
The Lord pleads with his people to hear His voice and turn away from fear

He brought them out of Egypt’s land 
And led them with a mighty hand 
But they turned away from his ways 
And followed idols all their days

The mountains and hills bear witness 
To the Lord’s righteous case and fitness 
Against his people who have sinned 
And turned away from him again

What does the Lord require of thee? 
But to do justly, love mercy 
And walk humbly with thy God 
And follow in the path he trod

So let us heed the Lord’s command 
And follow in his righteous plan 
For he will judge the earth one day 
And all our sins will be swept away.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 5, 2024

"Whispers of the Judges"

In ancient days, when suns were young, 
And Canaan’s hills cradled destiny’s seed, 
A tale unfolded, songs unsung, 
The Book of Judges, where shadows bleed.

I. The Cycle Unfolds

A tragic waltz, relentless and grim, 
Wars etched in dust, sins like thorns entwined. 
Israel, a wayward lover, lost in sin, 
Forgetting her God, her heart maligned.

II. The Judges Rise

From obscurity, they emerge, these flawed sages, 
Gideon, trembling courage, his trumpet’s plea, 
Samson, strength and folly, bound by ancient pages, 
Their stories etched on time’s relentless tree.

III. The Misery of Sin

Manasseh stumbles, Gezer’s walls crumble, 
Ephraim falters, Zebulun’s faith wanes. 
Asher’s idols dance, hearts numb and humble, 
Canaan’s gods whisper, weaving subtle chains.

IV. The Forgotten Covenant

Once inscribed on hearts ablaze with fire, 
The Torah now gathers dust, its letters fade. 
Generations drift, their souls adrift, desire 
Lost in the sands of apathy and shade.

V. Deliverance Beckons

Yet hope persists, a fragile ember’s glow, 
Israel’s tears, a desperate plea to the skies. 
God, unwavering, sends forth a radiant bow, 
A judge—anointed hand—to break sin’s ties.

VI. The Messiah’s Shadow

Beneath the judges’ strife, a deeper yearning, 
Israel cradles dreams of a promised King. 
The Book of Judges whispers, hearts burning,
 Of grace, redemption—a golden, healing wing.

Oh, Israel! Your tale, a mirror held to ours, 
Your wars, your sins, your frailties—our own.
May we, like judges, rise from shadowed hours, 
And find our peace in Mercy’s sacred throne.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 8, 2024

The Ballad of David and Goliath

The Ballad of David and Goliath

In the rugged land of Judah, where tumbleweeds danced, 
A tale of courage and faith took its chance. 
Twas a showdown at Elah, sun blazing high, 
Between a young cowboy named David and a giant named Goliath, oh my!

The Showdown

On one side stood Goliath, a mountain of might, 
His armor clanked heavy; his spear gleamed in the light. 
Six cubits tall, a giant of wrath, 
He taunted God’s people, challenging their path.

“Choose a man to face me!” Goliath roared, 
His voice echoing across the valley floor. 
But the Israelites trembled, their courage undone, 
For who could stand against this Philistine son?

The Shepherd’s Call

Now David, a shepherd boy with eyes full of fire, 
Tended his sheep, strummed his lyre. 
His heartbeat with faith, his sling by his side, 
He knew God’s strength was more than mere pride.

Jesse’s youngest son, a humble lad, 
He left his flock and stepped forth, unclad. 
“Let me fight this giant,” David declared, 
His trust in the Almighty never impaired.

The Stone and the Sling

Saul, the old sheriff, tried to dissuade, 
“But you’re just a boy!” he fretfully said. 
Yet David persisted, his resolve unshaken, 
He picked up five smooth stones, faith unbroken.

With a twirl of his sling, he aimed for the foe, 
The stone flew true, striking Goliath’s brow. 
The giant stumbled, his arrogance defied, 
And the earth shook as he fell, pride mortified.
Victory and Praise

The valley erupted, cheers echoing wide,
David stood victorious, God by his side. 
The bad guy defeated, the cowboy had won, 
His faith had triumphed under the blazing sun.

So remember this tale, ye cowboys and kin, 
When giants loom large, and battles begin. 
Trust in the Lord, sling your stones with grace, 
For even the mightiest fall in God’s embrace.

And that’s how David, the cowboy so small, 
Faced Goliath’s challenge, stood tall. 
A Bible story retold on the wild frontier, 
Where faith and courage conquer fear.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 13, 2024

"Habakkuk's Lament"

In ancient days, when shadows fell, 
A prophet named Habakkuk did dwell. 
His heart weighed heavy, burdened by strife, 
As he gazed upon a troubled life.

“O Lord,” he cried, “why do You delay? 
Evil abounds, injustice holds sway. 
The wicked prosper, the righteous weep, 
Where is Your justice? Why silence keep?”

The Lord replied, His voice serene, 
“Write down the vision, make it keen. 
Though it tarries, wait with faith unshaken, 
For the just shall live, their hope unshaken.”

Habakkuk listened, pen in hand, 
Recording God’s words, like grains of sand. 
He saw the Babylonian storm draw near, 
A tempest of wrath, a tide of fear.

Jerusalem trembled, her walls laid low, 
Yet in the chaos, faith began to grow. 
The prophet’s heart, once filled with despair, 
Now beat with hope, a whispered prayer.

“Though fig trees fail, and vines no longer yield, 
Though fields lie fallow, and famine steals, 
Yet will I rejoice, my God I’ll praise, 
For He is my strength, my song always.”

Habakkuk stood on the watchtower high, 
His eyes fixed on eternity’s sky. 
He sang of God’s power, His glory untold, 
As Babylon’s armies marched bold.

“Though the fig tree blossoms no more, 
Though the vineyards lie barren, hearts sore, 
Yet will I exult in the Lord of hosts, 
My salvation, my refuge, my utmost.”

The prophet’s song echoed through the land, 
A melody of faith, a steadfast stand. 
He trusted the One who weaves destiny’s thread, 
Though darkness loomed, and hope seemed dead.

So let us learn from Habakkuk’s plea, 
To wrestle with God, yet still believe. 
In the silence, in the waiting, we find grace, 
And our lament becomes a hymn of praise.

May the story of Habakkuk inspire us to seek God 
even in the midst of uncertainty, trusting that 
His ways are higher than our own.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 20, 2024

The Story of Titus

In ancient days, on Crete’s fair shore, 
A tale unfolds of faith and more. Paul, 
God’s servant, sent a letter, 
To Titus, his son, a truth-bearer.

“Set in order,” Paul did say, 
“Crete’s churches, guide their way. 
Appoint elders, wise and just, 
Lead them with integrity and trust.”

The Cretians, known for lies and greed, 
Their hearts in need of grace indeed. 
Paul warned of false teachers’ sway, 
Their mouths to silence, truth convey.

“Be blameless,” Paul instructed well, 
A bishop’s role, a sacred spell. 
Not self-willed, nor lovers of strife, 
But hospitable, temperate in life.

Hold fast to sound doctrine’s light, 
Exhort, convince, both day and night. 
For many talkers, vain and sly, 
Must be rebuked, lest truth they deny.

“Jewish fables,” Paul dismissed, 
Turn from them, seek truth’s sweet kiss. 
To the pure, all things are pure, 
But defiled minds remain obscure.

Professing God, yet deeds betray, 
Abominable, disobedient, they sway. 
Titus, faithful son, hold fast the line, 
In Crete’s wild waves, let God’s truth shine.

May this poetic glimpse of Titus 
inspire you with its timeless wisdom. 

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 23, 2024

“Divine Threads Unravel”

In ancient scrolls, a captivating story unfolds, 
Ahaziah, the ill-fated king, his tale told. 
Wicked alliances, choices that led astray, 
A lineage marred; shadows cast on Judah’s day.

Jehu’s blade, swift and unyielding, met the throne, 
As Ahaziah’s life ebbed, fate’s seeds were sown. 
Athaliah, ruthless, seized power’s cruel reign, 
Yet hope lingered, a hidden heir’s destiny ordained.

Within temple walls, Joash lay concealed, 
Six years of shadows, God’s providence revealed. 
Leadership’s weight, consequences stark, 
In the annals of time, their lessons leave a mark.

Leadership’s impact, a tapestry profound, 
Woven with threads of virtue and sin unbound. 
God’s judgment, relentless, yet mercy’s refrain, 
Through turmoil and strife, His sovereign plans remain.

As modern hearts read these ancient lines, 
We glimpse our own choices, our paths entwined. 
In the echoes of kings and queens of yore, 
May wisdom guide us, as divine threads restore.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 26, 2024


Isaiah, oh Isaiah, a name so divine, 
A prophet of God, with a message so fine. 
He spoke of the future, of things yet to come, 
Of a Savior who’d save us, God’s only Son.

Isaiah, oh Isaiah, a man of great faith, 
He trusted in God, and followed His ways. 
He wrote of the Lord, and His mercy so true, 
Of His love for His people, both me and you.

Isaiah, oh Isaiah, a voice from the past, 
His words still ring true, they forever will last. 
So let us remember, the message he gave, 
And follow our God, who is mighty to save.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 2, 2023

"God's Golden City"

In the land of the divine,
Where the sun forever shines,
Stands God's Golden City,
A place of eternal serenity.

The streets are paved with gold,
And the gates are never closed,
For all who seek to enter,
And find their souls' center.

The angels sing in harmony,
And the saints dance in unity,
For in God's Golden City,
There is no room for enmity.

The light of love shines bright,
And the darkness takes its flight,
For in God's Golden City,
There is only peace and purity.

So let us strive to be worthy,
Of God's Golden City,
And live our lives with purpose,
In love, faith, and humility.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 10, 2023

King David Praised the Lord Eighteen-Fold

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash
In Psalm 138:2, King David said,
"I will bow down toward your holy temple and praise your name for your unfailing love and faithfulness."
He praised the Lord with all his heart,
And from his lips, sweet words did start.

He praised the Lord for His steadfast love,
And for His faithfulness, high above.
He praised the Lord for His promises true,
And for His mercy, ever anew.

He praised the Lord for His greatness and might,
And for His goodness, shining bright.
He praised the Lord for His guidance and care,
And for His grace, beyond compare.

He praised the Lord for His power and strength,
And for His love, of infinite length.
He praised the Lord for His wisdom and truth,
And for His blessings, from early youth.

He praised the Lord for His kindness and grace,
And for His mercy, in every place.
He praised the Lord for His justice and peace,
And for His love, that will never cease.

So let us follow King David's lead,
And praise the Lord, in word and deed.
For He is worthy of all our praise,
Now and forever, all our days.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 12, 2023

"Laying of Hands"

Photo by Billy Pasco on Unsplash
The laying of hands is a sacred art,
A way to heal and soothe the heart.
It's a gesture of love and care,
A way to show that you're always there.

With gentle touch and tender grace,
You can bring a smile to a troubled face.
You can ease the pain and calm the mind,
And leave a sense of peace behind.

So let your hands be a source of light,
A beacon of hope in the darkest night.
Let them be a symbol of all that's good,
A reminder of the love that's understood.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 14, 2023

"God's Visible Grace"

God's grace is a light that shines,
A beacon of hope that forever aligns,
It's a love that's always there,
A love that's beyond compare.

It's a grace that's visible to all,
A grace that picks us up when we fall,
It's a grace that's always forgiving,
A grace that's always worth living.

God's grace is a gift so divine,
A grace that's always on the line,
It's a grace that's always transcending,
A grace that's always worth defending.

It's a grace that's always present,
A grace that's always so effervescent,
It's a grace that's always kind,
A grace that's always on our mind.

God's grace is a love so true,
A love that's always shining through,
It's a grace that's ever-present,
A grace that's always so effervescent.

It's a grace that's always forgiving,
A grace that's always worth living,
It's a grace that's always there,
A grace that's beyond compare.

Saul was filled with remorse, 
And his life took a different course. 
He sought forgiveness and redemption, 
And found peace and salvation.

Saul’s story is one of hope, 
Of how one can cope, 
With life’s ups and downs, 
And turn things around.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 17, 2023

"A Loaf of Bread"

God's loaf of bread is not like ours
It's made of love and grace and power
It feeds the hungry and the poor
It heals the sick and cures the sore

God's loaf of bread is not for sale
It's given freely without fail
It satisfies the deepest need
It nourishes the soul indeed

God's loaf of bread is not a myth
It's real and true and full of bliss
It's offered to us every day
It's up to us to take or stay

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 20, 2023
"God and the Hawk Are a Lot Alike"
Photo by Syed Ahmad on Unsplash
God and the hawk are a lot alike
They both have a majestic sight
They soar above the clouds and trees
They watch over us with care and ease

God is our source of strength and power
He gives us hope in every hour
He sees us through our struggles and pain
He helps us grow and overcome the strain

The Bible tells us that God is our refuge and strength
He is always with us, no matter the length
He is our shelter in times of trouble
He is our fortress in times of struggle

God and the hawk are a lot alike
They both inspire us to take flight
They both show us the beauty of creation
They both fill us with awe and admiration

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 22, 2023

"The Four Phenomenal Events"

When Jesus breathed His last on the cross
The sky turned dark as night
The sun refused to shine its light
On the One who gave His life

When Jesus breathed His last on the cross
The temple veil was torn
The holy place was now exposed
The way to God was opened

When Jesus breathed His last on the cross
The earth began to shake
The rocks were split, the tombs were opened
The dead were raised to life

When Jesus breathed His last on the cross
The centurion confessed
"Truly this was God's Son"
The Savior's death was blessed

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 26, 20

"Character is the Tool that Builds Success"

Jehoshaphat was the fourth king of Judah
He was the son of Asa and Azubah
He walked in the ways of his father David
He removed the idols and obeyed God's word

He reigned for sixteen years in Jerusalem
He strengthened his kingdom and brought reform
He sent out priests and Levites to teach the law
He appointed judges and a court of appeal

He made alliances with the kings of Israel
He helped Ahab, Ahaziah, and Jehoram
But he was rebuked by the prophet Jehu
For joining with those who did not fear the Lord

He faced a great invasion from his enemies
He prayed to God and sought his help earnestly
God answered him through the prophet Jahaziel
He said do not be afraid, the battle is mine

Jehoshaphat appointed singers to praise the Lord
They went ahead of the army with one accord
The enemies turned against each other and fled
Jehoshaphat and his people collected the spoil

This is the story of Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah
He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord and prospered
He learned to trust God in times of trouble and peace
He left a legacy of faith and obedience

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 28, 2023

"God's Window"

When the world is full of trouble 
and our hearts are full of fear
When the storms of life are raging 
and we feel no hope is near

We can look through God's window 
and see His mighty hand
We can see His love and power 
and His perfect, sovereign plan

He is the God of peace, 
who calms the wind and waves
He is the God of protection, 
who shields us from the grave

He is the God of glory, 
who reigns above all things
He is the God of comfort, 
who wipes away our tears

He says to us, "Be still, 
and know that I am God
I will be exalted among the nations, 
I will be exalted in the earth"

He invites us to His presence, 
where we can find His rest
He assures us of His promise, 
that He will work for our best

So let us look through God's window 
and trust in His grace
Let us praise Him for His goodness 
and seek His holy face

Let us find peace in His window 
and joy in His sight
Let us worship Him forever 
and walk in His light

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 30, 2023

A Kind, but Playful Heart

Photo by Simanta Saha on Unsplash
God's love of a kind, but playful heart
Is a love that knows no bounds
He sees the joy and the mischief
In every smile and every frown

He delights in the laughter and the fun
That a kind, but playful heart can bring
He also understands the sorrow and the pain
That sometimes come with living

He does not judge or condemn
A kind, but playful heart for its flaws
He accepts and embraces
A kind, but playful heart as it is

He offers grace and forgiveness
A kind, but playful heart may need
He also gives strength and courage
A kind, but playful heart can feed on

He is the source and the goal
Of a kind, but playful heart's desire
He is the friend and the lover
Of a kind, but playful heart's fire

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: December 31, 2023

This New Year is a Fresh Start for Us All

Photo by Chandan Chaurasia 
on Unsplash
This new year is a fresh start for us all
Let's make it count with every breath
Let's leave behind the past and its flaws
And embrace the future with hope and faith

With faith in God, anything is possible
Even a butterfly can fly with grace
With faith in God, we can overcome any obstacle
Even a mountain can be moved from its place

Philippians 4:13 it says 
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
This is the promise that we can claim
This is the power that we can see
This is the glory of His name

So let us celebrate this new year with joy and gratitude
Let us thank God for His love and mercy
Let us follow His will and His attitude
Let us be His witnesses and His family

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 1, 2024

"The People Who Sleeps"

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

They snore away their precious time
They dream of things they'll never find
They live a life of dull routine
They never dare to change the scene

They settle for the status quo
They fear the unknown and the low
They shy away from every chance
They never join the thrilling dance

They lose sight of what they want
They give up on their hopes and haunts
They lack the faith to persevere
They let the world dictate their fear

Don't be like those who sleeps
Don't let your life pass by in leaps
Don't waste your gifts and talents rare
Don't hide your light and passion flare

Be like a flower that blooms at night
Be like a star that shines so bright
Be like a bird that soars so high
Be like a fire that never dies

Wake up from your slumber deep
Wake up and take a giant leap
Wake up and chase your dreams with zeal
Wake up and make your life ideal
You think you know it all
But you don't really hear
The voices and the wisdom
That whisper in your ear

You think you know it all
But you don't really feel
The love and the compassion
That make your life more real

You think you know it all
But you don't really learn
The lessons and the stories
That help your soul to burn

You think you know it all
But you don't really grow
The only way to truly know
Is to admit you don't know

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 4, 2024

"I Was Once a Lost Sheep"

Photo by Martin Schmidli on Unsplash
I was once a lost sheep, 
wandering in the dark
I strayed away from the Shepherd, 
and from His loving heart

I thought I knew the way, 
I thought I was so smart
But I soon realized I was wrong, 
and I was falling apart

But then I heard His voice, 
calling out my name
He said He was looking for me, 
and He felt my pain

He said He loved me so much, 
and He wanted me to stay
He said He had a plan for me, 
and He would show me the way

He picked me up in His arms, 
and He carried me back home
He rejoiced with the angels, 
and He welcomed me to His throne

He gave me a new life, 
and He made me His own
He filled me with His grace, 
and He never left me alone

Now I am a found sheep, 
living in the light
I follow the Shepherd, 
and He guides me day and night

I know He knows the way, 
I know He is always right
And I thank Him every day, 
for saving me from my plight
- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 7, 2024

"Plea for Forgiveness and Rain from Heaven"

Photo by Judy Velazquez on Unsplash
When heaven is shut up and there is no rain
Because we have sinned against your name
We pray, O Lord, to hear our humble plea
And forgive our wickedness and iniquity

We confess that we have gone astray
And followed our own stubborn way
We have not obeyed your voice or kept your law
But have rebelled against your grace and awe

We ask you, O Lord, to show us mercy
And send us rain from heaven to make us free
To water the land that you have given us
And restore the fruitfulness and the trust

We know that you are faithful and just
And that you will not forsake us or turn to dust
You are the God who hears and answers prayer
And the God who loves and always cares

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 11, 2024

"The True Order of the Gifts"

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash
Let two or three prophets speak
And let the others weigh their words
For God is not a God of chaos
But of peace and harmony

Let each one shares their revelation
But let the first one yield their place
If someone else receives a message
From the Spirit of the Lord

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 12, 2024

"What is the Reason for Hate and Greed in the world?"

Is it not the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life?
Is it not the love of money, which is the root of all evil?
Is it not the desire to be rich, which leads to temptation and destruction?
The Lord has warned us of these dangers in his word

He has told us to seek first his kingdom and his righteousness
He has told us to be content with what we have, for he will never leave us nor forsake us
He has told us to love him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength
And to love our neighbor as ourselves

But we have turned away from his commands and his ways
We have followed the path of Cain, who killed his brother out of envy
We have run after the error of Balaam, who sold his soul for a reward
We have perished in the rebellion of Korah, who opposed God's authority

We have become lovers of self, lovers of pleasure, rather than lovers of God
We have become blind, wretched, poor, and naked, though we think we are rich and need nothing
We have become like the fool, who stored up treasures for himself, but was not rich toward God

What is the reason for hate and greed in the world?
It is the sin that dwells in our hearts, that separates us from God and from each other
It is the enemy that deceives us, that steals, kills, and destroys
It is the world that entices us, that passes away with its lusts

But there is hope for us, for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son
That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life
He came to save us from our sins, to give us a new heart and a new spirit
He came to show us the way, the truth, and the life
He came to give us abundant life, full of grace and peace

What is the reason for hate and greed in the world?
It is the reason why we need a Savior, who can deliver us from this present evil age
It is the reason why we need a Lord, who can teach us to love God and to love one another
It is the reason why we need a King, who can establish his righteous and everlasting kingdom

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 19, 2024

"Peace Made with Hamath: 
The Spoils of War Dedicated to God"

Canva Image
The king of Hamath heard the news
Of David's mighty deeds
He sent his son to greet the king
And offer gifts of peace

He knew that David had subdued
The nations all around
He feared the wrath of Israel
And sought a common ground

David received the envoy well
And welcomed him with grace
He saw the gold and silver
And the vessels made of brass

He took them as the spoils of war
From those who fought with him
He brought them to Jerusalem
And dedicated them to Him

He gave them to the house of God
As tokens of His love
He praised the Lord who gave him strength
And victory from above

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 20, 2024

"God's Contest with Pharaoh"

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
God sent Moses to Pharaoh's court
To demand the release of his people
But Pharaoh's heart was hard and proud
He refused to listen to the oracle

God unleashed his mighty plagues
On Egypt's land and Nile
He turned the water into blood
And filled the air with flies

He struck the crops and livestock
With hail and locusts' swarm
He brought darkness over the land
And death to every firstborn

But Pharaoh still resisted God
He would not let them go
He thought he was the master of his fate
He did not know his foe

God had a purpose in his plan
To show his power and glory
He hardened Pharaoh's stubborn heart
To make him a part of the story

He wanted all the nations to see
His justice and his grace
He wanted Israel to trust him
As he led them to a new place

God's contest with Pharaoh was not a game
It was a display of his sovereignty
He is the potter and we are the clay
He shapes us as he pleases

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 22, 2024

"Nehemiah a Man of Faith"

Old KJV Bible opened to the Book of Nehemiah

Nehemiah, a man of faith,
Embarked on a mission to rebuild the city's gates.
With God's guidance and his unwavering spirit,
He rallied the people to restore the city's merit.

The walls were broken, the gates were burned,
But Nehemiah's resolve never turned.
He prayed to God, and with the king's permission,
He set out to rebuild the city with precision.

Sanballat and Tobiah tried to thwart his plan,
But Nehemiah stood firm, a true leader of his clan.
With the people's help, he rebuilt the walls,
And restored the city's spiritual significance, standing tall.

Nehemiah's mission was not just to rebuild the city,
But to restore the people's faith and their dignity.
His unwavering spirit and his love for his land,
Inspire us to be courageous and take a stand.

So let us learn from Nehemiah's story,
And rebuild our lives with God's glory.
For when we trust in Him and follow His lead,
We can overcome any obstacle and succeed.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 23, 2024

- Jeremiah’s Prophecies - 
"A Call to Faithfulness and Hope"

Wilderness of Judah, Israel-Canva
Jeremiah’s prophecies, a call to faithfulness and hope, 
A message of love, redemption, and scope. 
He spoke of God’s promises, of restoration and grace, 
Of the regathering of Jews, and their homeland’s embrace.

Jeremiah’s words still resonate with us today, 
A reminder of God’s enduring love, come what may. 
His prophecies teach us to be faithful, obedient, and true, 
To trust in God’s plan, and His promises anew.
Through Jeremiah’s prophecies, we learn to find hope, 
In the midst of despair, and life’s slippery slope. We learn to heed 
God’s warnings, and to live by His will, 
To find strength in His love, and His promises to fulfill.

So let us reflect on Jeremiah’s message of hope, 
And find comfort in God’s enduring love and scope. 
May we be faithful, obedient, and true, 
And trust in God’s plan, come what may, anew

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 25, 2024

"The Book of Psalms"

The Book of Psalms, a treasure trove,
Of songs and prayers, of faith and love.
A hymnal of the ancient days,
A guide to walk in righteous ways.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want,
He leads me to green pastures; he leads me to calm.
He restores my soul, he guides me in his ways,
He is my rock, my refuge, my hope, all my days.
The Lord is my light, my salvation, my shield,
He hears my cries; he knows my needs.
He is my strength, my fortress, my song,
He is my God, to him I belong.

The Book of Psalms, a source of grace,
A balm for the soul, a resting place.
A reminder of God's love and care,
A comfort in times of despair.

So let us sing, with heart and voice,
Let us rejoice, let us rejoice.
For the Lord is good, his love endures,
Forever and ever, forevermore.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 29, 2024

"Ezekiel, the Prophet of Old"

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Ezekiel, the prophet of old,
Was called by God to be bold.
To speak to the people of Israel,
And tell them of their sins, so they could be well.

God spoke to Ezekiel in visions and dreams,
And showed him things that were not as they seemed.
He saw the glory of the Lord,
And heard His voice, like a two-edged sword.

Ezekiel's words were not always kind,
But they were true, and they opened the blind.
He spoke of judgment, and of grace,
And of the coming of the Lord to this place.

Today, we too can hear God's voice,
And in His presence, we can rejoice.
We can explore the depths of His love,
And find peace, like a dove.

So let us listen to what He has to say,
And follow Him, on this narrow way.
For He is the one who knows the end,
And He is our Savior and our friend.
- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: January 30, 2024

- The Fourth Book of Moses -
"Called Numbers"

The fourth book of Moses, called Numbers, 
Tells of the Israelites’ journey through the desert’s slumbers. 
From the census to the spies, 
It’s a tale of God’s guidance and the people’s cries.

The Levites were counted and given their tasks, 
While the Israelites grumbled and complained in their camps. 
Moses interceded and Aaron made atonement, 
As the people learned to trust in God’s atonement.

The spies were sent to scout out the land, 
But only Joshua and Caleb had faith in their hands. 
The people rebelled and were punished with death, 
But God’s mercy and grace never left.

The book of Numbers is a testament to God’s faithfulness, 
And the Israelites’ journey through the wilderness. 
May we learn from their mistakes and trust in God’s plan, 
As we journey through life with faith in our hands.
- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 4, 2024

▬ The Role of Trust and Betrayal ▬  
"In the Story of Adam and Eve"
Image by Peace,love,happiness from Pixabay

In Eden's garden, Adam and Eve
Lived in harmony, love, and peace
Their trust in God was pure and true
Until the serpent came and they withdrew

The serpent tempted Eve with lies
And Adam followed, to his surprise
They ate the fruit, their trust betrayed
Their innocence lost, their love decayed

God's wrath was fierce, their fate was sealed
From paradise, they were exiled and revealed
The price of betrayal, the cost of trust
Their story echoes, a warning to us

For trust is fragile, and betrayal is real
A lesson we learn, from Adam and Eve's ordeal
To cherish trust, and guard it well
Lest we fall, and join them in their hell

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 6, 2024

The Manner, Approach, and Style of Communication 
"Adopted by Paul for Encouragement and Rebuke"

Photo by Yana Marudova on Unsplash

In ancient times, when faith was young, 
And hearts were stirred by words divine, 
A man named Paul, with pen and tongue, 
Taught how to live, how to refine.

With grace and truth, he spoke his mind, 
With patience, love, and gentle care, 
He sought to heal, to help, to bind, 
To lift the broken, lost, and bare.

He preached the Word, with zeal and fire, 
He taught with wisdom, deep and true, 
He called for change, for new desire, 
For hearts to turn, for lives renewed.

With reproof and correction, he spoke, 
With courage, boldness, and great skill, 
He sought to guide, to help provoke, 
To lead the way, to do God’s will.

And so, dear friends, let us take heed, 
Of Paul’s example, wise and strong, 
Let us embrace his words, his creed, 
And live our lives, with faith and song.

For in his manner, approach, and style, 
We find a guide, a timeless light, 
A path that leads to love and smile,
A way that’s true, a way that’s right.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 9 2024

"Riders of the Ancient Dust"

In the hallowed pages of sacred scrolls, 
Where prophets’ words echo and tales unfold, 
Amidst the sands of time, a myth takes flight, 
A saga of cowboys, bathed in celestial light.

Abraham, the patriarch, astride his steed, 
His silhouette etched against the desert’s creed,
A nomad of faith, a wanderer of skies,
He rode through epochs, where eternity lies.

Bronco-buster of Canaan, he became,
Guiding his kin, their legacy aflame, 
Across arid plains, where sunsets bled gold, 
He herded dreams and promises untold.
His lasso spun constellations, binding fate, 
As cattle lowed, and stars whispered late, 
In the wilderness vast, where mirages danced, 
Abraham’s spirit soared, in God’s grand expanse.

Dust storms veiled his brow, yet he pressed on, 
A biblical cowboy, resilience drawn, 
His faith, a lariat flung to the heavens,
Tethering hope to the eternal leviathans.

Mountains bowed, yielding to his stride, 
As rivers murmured secrets, deep and wide, 
The Promised Land shimmered, a distant refrain, 
His campfires blazed, tales woven in smoke, 
Of angelic encounters, where mysteries spoke, 
The wilderness echoed, a celestial choir, 
As stars birthed legends, fueled by holy fire.

Abraham, the cowboy of ancient lore, 
His saddle worn, yet his spirit soared, 
Through deserts and visions, he carved his name, 
A trailblazer of faith, in God’s eternal game.

So let us ride alongside him, across time’s divide, 
In the mythical world of cowboys, where faith abides, 
For in the dust of Canaan, under boundless skies, 
Abraham’s legacy gallops forever baptized.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 12, 2024

“Divine Chuckles”

In ancient days of yore, when prophets roamed, 
And miracles unfolded, both grand and comical, 
Let me regale you with tales of divine irony,
 Where laughter danced amidst sacred chronicles.

1. "Jonah and the Fishy Surprise"

Jonah, that reluctant messenger of the skies, 
Fled from his divine duty, oh, what a surprise! 
He boarded a ship, waves crashing high, 
But God had other plans—cue the giant fish!

Swallowed whole, Jonah sat in the belly’s gloom, 
His escape thwarted by aquatic doom. 
Yet, in that piscine prison, he pondered his fate, 
Perhaps a divine timeout for being late?

2. "Balaam’s Donkey: A Most Vocal Steed"

Balaam, the seer, rode forth on his way, 
His donkey, loyal and steadfast, led the fray. 
But lo! The donkey spoke, with eloquence rare, 
“Hey Balaam, stop beating me—I’ve got a prayer!”

Balaam, wide-eyed, blinked in disbelief, 
His trusty steed revealing a newfound motif. 
The donkey’s words, a twist most absurd, 
Turned a solemn journey into a comedy blurred.

3. "Noah’s Ark: A Wordplay Delight"

Noah, the shipwright, received divine blueprints, “Build an ark,” said God, with precise hints. “Three hundred cubits long, fifty wide, and thirty high,” Noah scratched his head, pondering the sky.

The Hebrew word for “ark” danced with glee, Resembling “light,” oh, what a pun to see! As Noah hammered away, he chuckled aloud, “Preserving life, enlightenment—God, you’re quite proud!”

4. "Abraham and Sarah’s Late-Life Giggles"

Abraham, old and gray, and Sarah, his dear, 
Heard news of parenthood—a late-life cheer! Laughter erupted, wrinkles crinkling with mirth, 
“Us? Parents now? Surely, heavens lost its worth!”

God’s promise fulfilled, their tent echoed with glee, 
A child named Isaac, a miracle to be. 
In wrinkled arms, they held their laughter’s prize, 
For even in old age, joy could still rise.

So, dear reader, as you peruse sacred scrolls, 
Remember these chuckles, these divine roles.
For irony dances through ancient pages, 
A wink from heaven, preserved across the ages.

May these tales of mirth and wonder brighten your day, 
just as they did in those hallowed times!

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 19, 2024

Philemon’s Choice

In Colossae’s quiet streets, a tale unfolds, 
Of Philemon, a man with a heart of gold. 
His home, a haven where believers met, 
A church within its walls, love’s sacred set.

Paul, the prisoner, inked his plea with care, 
To Philemon, beloved, in fervent prayer. 
Timothy stood by, a brother true, 
Their words a bridge across the distance’s blue.

“Grace and peace,” they penned, their hearts aflame, 
For Philemon, Apphia, and Archippus’ name. 
The church, a family, gathered in his house, 
Their faith a beacon, love’s sweet-spoken vows.

But hidden in the folds of parchment thin, 
Lay a tale of bonds, of freedom’s kin. 
Onesimus, once lost, a runaway slave, 
Now found in Christ, a soul redeemed, brave.

Paul’s ink traced lines of grace, forgiveness wide, 
A plea for Philemon’s heart to set aside 
The chains of old, the debts that bound them tight, 
To welcome back Onesimus, bathed in light.

“Receive him not as slave, but brother dear, 
In flesh and spirit, love’s transformation clear. 
Count me a partner, let grace’s river flow, 
For Christ’s sake, let forgiveness freely grow.”

Philemon, torn between justice and grace,
Weighed the scales, his heart in sacred space. 
Would he choose vengeance, chains, and bitter strife, 
Or embrace love’s dance, the rhythm of new life?

In that Colossian room, forgiveness bloomed, 
As Philemon’s heart, like spring, unfurled and loomed. 
He welcomed back Onesimus, tears ablaze, 
A brother now, no more a slave’s dark days.

And so, forgiveness wove its golden thread, 
Binding hearts, bridging chasms wide and spread.
 Philemon’s choice—a legacy of grace, 
A story etched in love’s enduring embrace.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 22, 2024

The Story of Revelation

Photo by Tobias Rademacher on Unsplash

In ancient days, a vision unfurled, 
A tale of cosmic battles, secrets swirled. 
A scroll unsealed, its words ablaze, 
The Book of Revelation, a mystic maze.

I. The Seven Seals

Seven seals, like stars in twilight’s veil, 
Broken by the Lamb, truth’s unveiled trail. 
Horsemen ride, their steeds of fire, 
Conquest, war, famine, death’s dire choir.

II. The Trumpets Sound

Angels blow their trumpets, skies resound, 
Mountain's crumble, oceans churn around. 
Woe to Earth, calamities unchain, 
Yet hope persists, a rainbow through the rain.

III. The Woman and the Dragon

A woman clothed in sun, moon at her feet, 
A dragon’s wrath, its jaws to defeat. 
Her child, destined to rule with iron rod, 
The cosmic struggle, light against the flawed.

IV. The Beast and the Mark

Beast rising from the sea, blasphemous might,
Worship demanded, souls caught in fright. 
Mark of the beast, a choice to make, 
Freedom or chains, souls at stake.

V. The New Jerusalem

Amid chaos, a city descends, divine, 
New Jerusalem, radiant and fine. 
Streets of gold, gates of pearl agleam, 
No more tears, no more night’s dream.

VI. The Alpha and Omega

Alpha, Omega, the Beginning and the End, 
The Lamb triumphant, creation’s mend. 
A new heaven, a new Earth’s embrace, 
Eternal glory, love’s everlasting grace.


The Book of Revelation, prophecy’s dance, 
A cosmic symphony, fate’s last chance. 
In fiery letters, hope and warning inscribed, 
The Story of Revelation, forever transcribed.

- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copywrite: February 24, 2024

A Poetic Poem of Mark's 
Captivating Narrative of the Life and Ministry 
of Jesus Christ

The voice of one crying in the wilderness
Prepare ye the way of the Lord
The Son of God comes with power and grace
To baptize with water and the Spirit

He calls his disciples to follow him
And fish for the souls of men
He teaches with authority and wisdom
And casts out the demons within

He heals the sick and the lepers
He forgives the sins of the lame
He touches the woman with an issue of blood
And raises the daughter of Jairus from the grave

He stills the storm and the wind
He feeds the multitudes with bread
He speaks in parables of the kingdom
And reveals the secrets to those who heed

He faces the opposition and the challenge
Of the scribes and the Pharisees
He answers them with truth and courage
And exposes their hypocrisy

He is the Messiah and the Son of God
The Holy One of Israel
He invites us to repent and believe
And follow him to the end
- Author; Danny Rhoades
  Copyright: February 28, 2024