In thee, O LORD, do I put my trust; let me never be ashamed: 

deliver me in thy righteousness.

- Psalms 31:1 KJV

 God's Special Time 

December 24, 2023


Good morning My Brothers and Sisters, I greet you in the name of the Lord.

I want to talk about God's special time today. Before I get into that, let me tell you a story. A few weeks ago, I was walking in a park, and I noticed a young couple eating lunch together on a picnic blanket. As I watched them, I thought to myself, “This is special time.” They were taking time to be together and enjoy each other’s company despite their busy schedules and all the other things they could be doing.


God has given us special time too. In the Bible, we see several examples of God taking special time to be with His people. In the book of Exodus, God spent time with Moses on Mt. Sinai. In the book of Luke, we see Jesus' spending time with the disciples on the mount of transfiguration. In the book of Acts, we see Jesus' spending time with Saul on the road to Damascus.

God’s special time is available to us today. God is always available to us, but it takes effort to make that time special. We must be willing to set aside time in our day for prayer and meditation and to spend time reading His word. When we do that, we are able to connect with God in a way that will change our lives forever.

Second, God’s special time gives us strength and wisdom. When we spend time in prayer and meditation, it gives us the strength and wisdom to face the challenges of life. The Bible tells us in Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God.” When we take the time to be still and listen to God, He will give us the strength and wisdom to face whatever we are going through.

Third, God’s special time is a gift that we can share with others. We can use our special time with God to seek His will for our lives and for those around us. We can use our special time with God to pray for those who are in need and for those who are struggling. We can use our special time with God to share His love and grace with those who need it most.

Brothers and Sisters, God’s special time is a gift that He has given us, and it is up to us to make the most of it. When we do, it will bring us closer to Him and allow us to experience His love and grace in a deeper way. So, take the time today to make your time with God special and you will be blessed beyond measure.

God’s special time is like a diamond—it shines brighter when it is polished and shared with others!



O God, I find myself at the beginning of another day. I do not know what it will bring. Please help me to be ready for whatever it may be. If I am to stand up, help me to stand bravely. If I am to sit still, help me to sit quietly. If I am to lie low, help me to do it patiently. If I am to do nothing, let me do it gallantly. I pray just for today, for these twenty-four hours, for the ability to cooperate with others according to the way Jesus taught us to live. "Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." May these words that he taught us become more than words. 

Please free my thinking and feelings and the thinking and feelings of others, from all forms of self-will, self-centeredness, dishonesty, and deception. Along with my brothers and sisters, I need this freedom to make my choices today according to your desires. Send your Spirit to inspire me in time of doubt and indecision so that, together, we can walk along your path. I pray all of this in the name of our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ, Amen

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