Compelling Stories of The Last Book of Acts 

"In the KJV Bible"


April 17, 2024


Reverend Danny Rhoades

Greetings, my fellow Brothers" and Sisters. In today’s devotional, I shall go into the KJV Bible, and talk about The Compelling Stories of The Last Book of Acts" in the KJV Bible and talk about the compelling stories that captivate the hearts and minds of its readers. One particular story stands out, showcasing the message of salvation being sent to the Gentiles. 

 In Acts 28:28, the apostle Paul declares, "Be it known therefore unto you, that the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and that they will hear it." This proclamation marks a significant turning point in the spread of Christianity, as it emphasizes the inclusion of the Gentiles in God's plan of salvation.


Throughout the Book of Acts, we witness the early disciples and apostles primarily preaching and ministering to the Jews. However, in this pivotal moment, Paul reveals that the message of salvation is not limited to a specific group but is intended for all people, regardless of their background or ethnicity.

The inclusion of the Gentiles in God's plan of salvation was a radical concept at that time. The Jewish people, who were the initial recipients of the promises and blessings of God, struggled with the idea of sharing those blessings with the Gentiles. Nevertheless, Paul's declaration made it clear that God's salvation was not exclusive but inclusive.

One of the most remarkable stories in the last Book of Acts that exemplifies this inclusive message is the conversion of Cornelius, a Roman centurion. Cornelius was a Gentile, and yet he was a devout man who feared God and practiced acts of charity. In Acts 10, we read about how an angel appeared to Cornelius and instructed him to send for Peter, who would bring him a message of salvation.

Simultaneously, God was preparing Peter to receive this Gentile visitor. In a vision, Peter saw a sheet filled with all kinds of animals, including those considered unclean according to Jewish dietary laws. God commanded Peter to kill and eat, but Peter refused, stating that he had never eaten anything unclean.

God's response to Peter's refusal was pivotal. He said, "What God has made clean, do not call common" (Acts 10:15). Through this vision, God was challenging Peter's mindset and teaching him that salvation was not limited to the Jews but extended to the Gentiles as well.

When Peter arrived at Cornelius' house, he realized the significance of God's message. He proclaimed the Gospel to Cornelius and his household, and they believed and received the Holy Spirit. This event marked a significant breakthrough in the spread of Christianity, as it affirmed the inclusion of the Gentiles in God's plan of salvation.

The story of Cornelius' conversion not only emphasizes the inclusivity of God's salvation but also showcases the power of obedience. Both Cornelius and Peter were obedient to God's instructions, and as a result, lives were transformed.

The last Book of Acts serves as a powerful reminder that God's plan of salvation is for all people, regardless of their background or ethnicity. It challenges us to break down barriers and embrace the diversity of humanity. Just as the Gentiles heard and received the message of salvation, we too are called to share this life-changing message with others, that they may also experience the transformative power of God's love.

The Book of Acts, also known as the Acts of the Apostles, is a captivating and pivotal work found in the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. Let us delve into its remarkable narrative.

Overview of the Book of Acts

The Book of Acts serves as a sequel to the Gospel of Luke, both of which were likely penned by the same author—Luke, the physician and companion of the apostle Paul. Although the author does not explicitly name himself, evidence from external sources and inferences within the text point to Luke as the writer. The use of the pronoun “we” in certain passages suggests that Luke was present during specific events described in the book, particularly during Paul’s travels and imprisonment.

Key Themes and Events

The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit: Acts begins with the account of the Holy Spirit descending upon the apostles during Pentecost. This event empowers them to preach the gospel fearlessly.

The Early Church: Acts provides a vivid picture of the early Christian community. Believers share their possessions, perform miracles, and face persecution.

The Ministry of Peter and Paul: The book highlights the apostolic ministry of Peter and Paul. Peter’s preaching leads to conversions, while Paul embarks on three missionary journeys, spreading the gospel across the Roman Empire.

Conversion Stories: Acts narrates powerful conversion stories, including Saul’s transformation into the apostle Paul after encountering Jesus on the road to Damascus.

Paul’s Trials and Imprisonment: The latter part of Acts focuses on Paul’s trials in Jerusalem and Caesarea, his journey to Rome, and his eventual imprisonment there.

The Spread of Christianity: Acts portrays the rapid expansion of Christianity, bridging cultural and geographical gaps.

Notable Chapters

  • Acts 2: Pentecost and the birth of the Church.
  • Acts 9: Saul’s conversion and transformation into Paul.
  • Acts 16: Paul’s vision of the Macedonian man, leading to the spread of the gospel in Europe.
  • Acts 27-28: Paul’s perilous journey to Rome, shipwreck, and eventual arrival in the capital.

The Book of Acts concludes with Paul’s two-year imprisonment in Rome, during which he writes letters such as Philemon and Colossians. While the exact date of Acts’ composition remains uncertain, it likely falls between A.D. 63 (shortly after the events recorded) and A.D. 70. Regardless of the precise date, Acts remains a compelling account of faith, courage, and the unstoppable spread of the gospel message.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I want to express my gratitude for allowing me to share this devotional with you. In The Compelling Stories of The Last Book of Acts" in the KJV Bible using the KJV Bible scriptures, serves as a timeless guide for Christians, providing practical wisdom and profound insight. 

As we close this devotional, I invite you to join me in my ministry Rhoades Well Traveled Ministry, where we can share our stories of faith, service, and growth. I appreciate your time and attention, and I hope you have learned something valuable today. Let us go forth with courage, grace, and love. Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Reverend Danny Rhoades


Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for the opportunity to know and love You. I want to build a stronger relationship with You. Help me to turn my focus to You with my thoughts, words, and actions. Open my eyes to Your goodness, and lead me through Your truth. Remind me to rely on Your perfect peace and faithfulness on even the most difficult days. Grant me patience and understanding when I have questions, and show me how to surrender myself to You more deeply.

Grant me a heart of humbleness to recognize my sin, and the courage to seek Your mercy and forgiveness. Provide clarity so that I may act in accordance with Your will for my life. Strengthen the bond I have with You, Lord, to rest upon You daily. Reassure me with Your unfailing love, and guard my heart against fear, anxiety, and worry. Bless me with joy that only comes from accepting Your grace and gracefully walking in the path of righteousness.

These things we pray in the name of Jesus, our Savior and Advocate, we pray. Amen

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